Friday, January 14, 2011

Snow Burst--A Winter Wonderland

The day after Christmas we had a blizzard that wreaked havoc with lots of snow and wind and power outages and travel adventures or, in some cases, hazards and frustration.  Then again on January 12th we had another blizzard with up to 24" of snow plus drifts in some areas.  And it snowed again on January 20th, followed by the Big Chill, and more snow is forecast for the 26th.   And it is still very early in the season!

For those who escaped the Boston area, just think, you missed all that frolicking in the snow!

Down we go...

Down we go again...

Cold Mountain 

And another blizzard or Nor'easter--January 26/27--It was reported that New York City was blasted with 19 inches and thunder and lightning.  We got about 12 inches and some drifting.

Snowmageddon-snow and ice-February 1 and 2 

Braving the snow mixed with ice

Roof, only one of many throughout the area, collapses under the accumulated weight of snow and ice.

With the adverse weather conditions it took firefighters 35 minutes to get the fire under control.  Fortunately, the occupant had escaped safely.

Ken on assignment during snowstorm

                         Ken McGagh photos

Fortuitously, the man who plows for me, one of my former students, not only plows out my driveway, but also he shovels out my front and back sidewalks.  Oh, well, spring cannot be far away!  On Groundhog Day, February 2nd, the famous, or infamous, rodent did not see his shadow, portending an early spring, or so goes the legend!


    Mary McGagh photos

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  1. What a winter! (2011) Then we had a hurricane in August! In October we had a snowstorm, which knocked out power for some for many days! However, the winter of 2012 was rather mild for New England, and it was followed by an ideal spring and summer.