Sunday, October 31, 2010

West Coast Swing Flash Mob-October 31, 2010

Boston area West Coast Swing Dancers had a blast at the Burlington Mall on Sunday, October 31st.  It is easy to spot Ken, who is wearing a rugby shirt, to the left of the mob.  The little girl in the midst of the dancers looks bewildered by all the activity.  The dancing was intended to appear spontaneous as the music started up, and when the music ended, the dancers disappeared from the scene.  Exhilarated from their "performance" for the public, many dancers then went out to lunch at the food court.


  1. Dear Mary,
    I wish I happened to be there to see them live. Ken had some pretty smooth moves and looked very much in his element on the impromptu dance floor. Loved the little girl too, who seemed a little lost in the midst of all those crazy swinging adults.
    Thanks for sharing...it was a very nice treat!

  2. Looks like lots of fun!