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Goya: Order and Disorder-2015

Goya: Order and Disorder

Francisco Goya-1746-1828

Museum of Fine Arts--Boston
Exhibition of 170 paintings, prints, and drawings--October 12-January 19, 2015

Self-Portrait While Painting

Don Manuel Osorio Manrique de Zuniga

 Duchess of Alba

Maria Luisa de Borbon y Vallabriga 

 Maria Teresa de Borbon y Vallabriga

 Straw Mannequin

 The Parasol

The Last Communion of St. Joseph of Calasanz


Self-Portrait with Dr. Arrieta 


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*** Confronting the unthinkable in Goya's Art
by Sebastian Smee--Boston Globe Staff-January 10, 2015
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A reader's comment in response to the above article:

dtc4801/11/15 09:03 AM

"The MFA show portrayed so much more than the typical Goya portraits and religious scenes. The portrayal of war was clearly disquieting. The Seated Giant took on a new meaning for me after studying the “Disasters of War” and “Caprichos” etchings. The second time through the show I hardly stopped in the large room with all the portraits, but lingered in the last two rooms where I got a new understanding of the depth of Goya's thinking about the tragedy of war and especially of the Peninsular War. As spectacular as the portraits and the Last Communion of Saint Joseph of Calasanz are, the depiction of war and violence are what will stay with me.

Thanks to the MFA for a great show and to Mr. Smee for his usual insights."

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  1. Francisco Goya is widely celebrated as the most important Spanish artist of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, the last of the Old Masters and the first of the Moderns. MFA