Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Maurizio Pollini--October 5, 2014

Maurizio Pollini--Recital--October 5, 2014

Celebrity Series of Boston

Symphony Hall

Robert Schumann                  Arabesque 
                                            in C Major, Opus 18

Robert Schumann                  Kreisleriana, Opus 16


Frédéric Chopin      Piano Sonata No. 2 
                                       in B-flat minor, Opus 35

Frédéric Chopin        Berceuse in D-flat Major
                                      Opus 57

Frédéric Chopin        Polonaise No. 6
                                      in A-Flat Major, Opus 53

   Chopin       Nocturne No. 2, Op.27 
    Chopin        Third Scherzo

Seth Herbst's review for the Boston Globe, 
                      click here:

"I grew up in a house with art and artists. Old works and modern works co-existed together as part of life. It went without saying."
--Maurizio Pollini

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