Sunday, October 27, 2013

Opening Night of La Bayadère

Boston Ballet--Opening night of La Bayadère

October 24, 2013--Boston Opera House

A magical evening at Boston Ballet's La Bayadère at the Opera House...majestic score by Minkus, the orchestra with conductor Jonathan McPhee, the choreography after Petipa, the principal dancers, the corps, the sets, the costumes; all under the leadership of artistic director Mikko Nissensen...Bravo for an exquisite performance to treasure!

Music                                 Ludwig Minkus

Choreography                  Florence Clerc after Marius Petipa

Conductor                         Johnathan McPhee

Artistic Director               Mikko Nissinen

Original Premiere                  February 4, 1877-Imperial Ballet,                                                Imperial Bolshoi

World Premiere                       November 4, 2010, Boston Ballet

Act 3--The Kingdom of Shades

NIKIYA:       Lia Ciro  (Oct. 24)
                                 Lorna Feuóo   (Oct. 25)

SOLOR:        Lasha Khozashvili  (Oct. 24)

                       Nelson Madrigal   (Oct. 25)

Gamzatti:      Dusty Button  (Oct. 24)

                       Whitney Jensen  (Oct. 25)

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