Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My new painting--July 25, 2013

July 25, 2013

As soon as I walked into  the doctor's waiting room, my eyes fell upon a new painting on the wall.  I admired it, and I soon discovered that it was an original acrylic painting by an unknown local artist and it was for sale.  I decided immediately to buy it...the quickest decision I have ever made.  I determined the name and phone number of the artist, Roseanne Tecce, and I called her as soon as I arrived home.  A few days later I picked up my find and hung it in my family room.  Then I bought a beautiful lavender orchid plant at the supermarket and placed it on the bistro table that is adjacent to the painting.  

It is in full view when I come downstairs each morning.  Also, upon entering my home from the front door, you are in my foyer.  Glancing to the right, you will behold a large oriental painting, purchased in 2007.  However, toward the left you will take delight in the 3 graceful ladies depicted in my new painting.  Additionally, I can enjoy the painting from my breakfast table in the kitchen.  My family room has 2 entrances: one from the foyer and the other from the kitchen.         

Unfortunately, the gentleman admiring the models is blurred in the photo that I took.  It is not blurred in the painting!

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