Wednesday, February 16, 2005

LA to Tahiti-Jan. 15 to Jan. 29, 2005


Blaisdell Concert Hall-Honolulu

I got back late Saturday night. I slept most of yesterday. I had a great time plus I missed the frigid temperatures and the blizzard! It was a little rocky from LA to Hawaii; however, once we crossed the Equator and we were sailing in the southern hemisphere towards French Polynesia in the South Pacific, it was as calm as a lake. Interesting to note, although the islands (Raiatea, Bora Bora, Tahiti, plus several other even smaller islands) comprise a territory of France and the official language is French, which is spoken everywhere, the culture is distinctly Polynesian, not at all French! They have their own president; indeed, currently they have 2 presidents because the former president refuses to leave office!

Carol Channing, the celebrity guest, was warm, friendly, lovable; she often interacted with the other guests....but I am afraid that she is in the early stage of Alzheimer's. Julie Andrews had to cancel because her husband was seriously ill. There were many, many very interesting speakers and lectures on days at sea, plus the usual array of movies, bridge, bingo, casino, dance lessons and other trivia.

This morning I managed to gather my income tax material and mail it off to my accountant. What a relief!! I have a few concerts to attend in early February. Meanwhile, I hope the weather continues to be balmy, relatively speaking, until I leave again on February 23 from LA to Hawaii again, then on to Japan and Hong Kong, returning on March 19.

The photo was taken on the ship--on one of the 3 formal nights....Mary

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